Introducting our UltraConnect UPAS software equipment rack

Lets take a closer look

The rack is responsible for managing site databases and organising engines into a visual tree, communicating data back and forth, saving and retrieving configuration and settings, adding users and tokens, setting user access restrictions and token functions, creating access groups and time zones, creating and running scripts, answering intercom calls, switching and recording cameras, visual site status and event logging & audible alerts. Built in information centre, icon tooltips & setup wizard.

With UPAS’s unique design and tool set, including multiple ways to communicate, dedicated packet command protocol, multifunction time zones & basic style scripting language, we have given you the tools to create, limited by your own imagination, discover new exciting possibilities not yet conceived or thought of.

Video Intercom

Use your PC with a headset to respond to & recording of multiple incoming intercom and refuge calls.

Multifunction Time Zones

Define multiple time zones, each zone, has multiple segments of time, trigger actions on segment on & off.
e.g. Example action - run a script

Built in Scripting Language

With our command line basic style scripting language unleash more power to automate & control a site.

Run scripts on startup, shutdown, concurrently, from a script or time zone. Play sound files, display & say text. Create demonstrations & introductions. Trigger actions upon motion detection in a camera detection zone.

Event Log Film Strip

Live clickable event log, quick access to users records & security infractions watch site activity as it happens.

Explore the Software Equipment Rack

  • Sites Multiple Sites, SQLite File Database, Backup & Restore

  • Engines Auto Detect, Selection, Sonoff Integration, Save & Share

  • Packets Serial, Multicast Packet Monitor Quality, Enable & Disable

  • Serial Ports Auto Detect, Multiple Ports & Engine Assignment

  • Scripts Run Script On Startup & Shutdown, Timers & Other Scripts

  • Users Associates, Risk Levels, Restrictions & Token Management

  • Groups & Time Zones Trigger Actions, Restrict Access & Run Scripts

  • Events Information Restfull API, Setup Wizard, Quick Add & Wiring

  • Dual Timers Auto Backup, Tweet System Health & Run Scripts Etc

  • Film Strip View Users Photo As They Swipe, Quick Access To Profile

  • Dedicated Scripting Language Control Engines, Simulations & Tests

  • WiFi Module Setup With Mobile Phone With WiFiManager APP

  • Data Integrity Checks Clocks Sync, Engine Temperature Monitoring