Introducting our new wireless controller
Called an UPAS KP V2

Lets take a closer look

Introducing the UPAS KP V2 – the ultimate solution for streamlined access control and automation.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the UPAS KP V2 revolutionizes access control from an installation engineer's perspective.

With easy installation and setup, a web interface accessible from anywhere, and remote administration via smartphone, managing access has never been more convenient.

From the intuitive web interface, users can effortlessly add proximity tokens, set up dual annual timers for relay outputs, and operate the system as standalone or network-based.

For advanced options, our desktop software transforms your setup into a virtual server rack, offering live feedback on inputs, relays, and tokens.

Backup, clone, and reinstate units with ease, and harness the power of scripting for enhanced automation.

Experience the simplicity and power of the UPAS KP V2. Upgrade your access control system today.

Explore the UPAS KP V2 Hardware

  • Optional Precission Real Time Clock ( DS3231 ) & EEPROM ( AT24C32 ) - I2C

  • High Efficiency Buck Converter Regulator ( Mini Buck 360 ) - 3A, 150KHz

  • Piezo Buzzer Sound Generator Output > 85dB, 2400Hz

  • Wiegand Port RFID Reader, Keypads & Encoders

  • 3 Digital Inputs ( PC817 ) Optically Coupled, Isolation (rms) 5.0kV

  • Relay ( SRD-05VDC-SL-C ) Load 10A 30VDC, Coil Power: 0.45W

  • Optional Extra 2 Relays ( SRD-05VDC-SL-C ) Load 10A 30VDC, Coil Power: 0.45W

  • FRAM Memory ( MB85RS64V ) Ferroelectric, SPI, 8192 Words × 8 Bits

  • Optional larger FRAM Memory ( MB85RS256BPNF ) Ferroelectric, SPI, 32,768 words Words × 8 Bits

  • ESP32 S NODEMCU 32MBit Flash, 520KB SRAM, WiFi, USB

  • STEMMA QT I2C Sensor & add on Interface Connector

  • LOLIN 320x240 TFT Touchscreen Display Interface Connector

  • Displays 128X64, 128X32 0.96" OLED I2C, HD44780 1602 & 2004 I2C

  • Mode Of Operation Stand Alone Or Networked

  • Communication USB, WiFi & BlueTooth