What you need to get you started

A typical scenario, you want to control access to a pedestrian door to prevent unautherised access comming into a building.


  • Stand Alone Engine

  • Networked Upgrade

  • Networked Engine

  • Wifi Communication Module

  • GSM Communication Module

  • HD44780 1602 LCD Dispaly

  • 128X64 0.96" OLED Display

Engines are available in two ways.

  • Stand Alone (Quick install, upgrade when ready)

  • Networked (OLED display & Comms Module)

Stand alone engines can easily be upgraded, simply by adding a in situ network upgrade.

A network upgrade consists of an upgrade key, an OLED display and a communications module.

When ordering a networked engine, or network upgrade, just select the required comms module.