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UPAS is an integrated access control system, our controllers called engines, run networked or stand alone.

Our engines operate just like mainstream access control units, with the addition of being Open Source Hardware.

Out of the box its default mode of operation is set to stand alone access control.

Once connected with UPAS, its configuration, settings and mode of operation can be changed, enabling the engine to perform many more tasks.

Engines are available in two ways.

  • Stand Alone (Quick install, upgrade when ready)

  • Networked (OLED display & Comms Module)

Modular and extensible

UPAS is built with flexibility in mind; you can easily expand the capability of your setup by using additional modules.

Redundancy and automatic failover

The engine supports master/slave scenarios with automatic failover; also allowing you to scale easily.

Token-based access control

Tokens are assigned to users, users are given access rights, based on doors & time zones. If a token is lost or stolen, its just a matter of barring the token, ensuring security is not compromised.

Fieg Access Systems Ltd

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One Stop Access Ltd

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Text alerts, dial in and more!

SIM800L EV GSM ModuleCouplers, adds GSM capabilities the UPAS engine.

Add Wi-Fi easily

ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module, adds Wi-Fi capabilities to the UPAS Engine.