Introducting our flagship controller
Called an UltraConnect Engine

Lets take a closer look

The engine is a multifunction controller and has been designed from the ground up with expansion and connectivity in mind.

Out of the box its default mode of operation is set to stand alone access control.

Once connected with UPAS, its configuration, settings and mode of operation can be changed, enabling the engine to perform many more tasks.

Engines are available in two ways.

  • Stand Alone (Quick install, upgrade when ready)

  • Networked (OLED display & Comms Module)

Stand alone engines can easily be upgraded, simply by adding a in situ network upgrade.

A network upgrade consists of an upgrade key, an OLED display and a communications module.

When ordering a networked engine, or network upgrade, just select the required comms module.

Communication modules

  • WiFi (ESP8266) (ESP32 + Bluetooth)

  • Ethernet (W5500)

  • GSM (SIM800L)

  • LoRa (SX1278)

Many more modules in the pipeline.

Engine expansion
Known as a carriage
Lets take a closer look

The carriage is a sideways expansion board, upto seven can be chained together, in any order and any combination.

The engine has what we call IO train and analog train header connectors on its left hand side, these connectors are duplicated on each carriage.

Daisy chain carriages expand engine capabilites.


  • PLC Carriage (4 inputs & 4 relay outputs)

  • Video Switch (4 inputs & 4 video inputs, 1 video output)

  • Audio Switch (4 inputs & 4 audio inputs, 1 audio output)

  • Analogue Switch (4 inputs & 4 analog inputs)

Many more carriages in the pipeline.

Explore the Engine Open Source Hardware

  • Precission Real Time Clock ( DS3231 ) & EEPROM ( AT24C32 ) - I2C

  • High Efficiency Buck Converter Regulator ( L M2596S ) - 3A, 150KHz

  • Piezo Buzzer Sound Generator Output > 85dB, 2400Hz

  • 2 Wiegand Ports RFID Readers, Keypads & Encoders

  • 3 Digital Inputs ( PC817 ) Optically Coupled, Isolation (rms) 5.0kV

  • 2 Relays ( SRD-05VDC-SL-C ) Load 10A 30VDC, Coil Power: 0.45W

  • FRAM Memory ( MB85RS64V ) Ferroelectric, SPI, 8192 Words × 8 Bits

  • Arduino MEGA 2560 USB, 256KB FLASH, 8KB SRAM, 4KB EEPROM

  • RS485 Bus Half Duplex Transceiver, 57600 Baud, 120 Ohm EOL

  • Expansion I2C, SPI, Serial UART, Modules, Train, Analog & Ethernet

  • Displays 128X64, 128X32 0.96" OLED I2C, HD44780 1602 & 2004 I2C

  • Mode Of Operation Stand Alone Or Networked

  • Communication USB, RS485, WiFi, GSM, LoRa, BlueTooth & IR